Paranormal Activity – Unexplained Fire Incidents

Dear reader, imagine that you are sitting in your house when you see a movie or a football match and then suddenly and without any warning in front of you, your TV turns into a burning flame of fire, of course you will get angry at the ones responsible for the electric generator safety. But what if you have completely turned off all kinds of electric power sources, and suddenly you found one of your light bulbs flaming than turning into a fireball??

Of course you would say that this is impossible to happen, but let me disappoint you and tell you a story of an Italian town baffled even superstitious believers.Canneto di Caronia is a small quiet town rarely heard about.without that interest them and their curiosityand lost sitting quietly in place for centuries, but all that changed in one of the cold days of the month of December 2004, when the town became a forgotten depository  suddenly crowded with electricians, firefighters, reporters, scholars as well as many paranormal investigators, the people of the town have all left to dwell temporarily in a hotel outside the town.

Where did these unexplained mystery began?

This strange incidents started when a person called Mr.Vezanio was watching his T.V normally, and suddenly the T.V went to flames and  it became a flame ball of fire.And since then, many of such incidents and unexplained fires went out in other apartments too.It was like a kind of paranormal gravity attracting the fires to the electronic devices, like Televisions, Radios, heater and so.What’s really strange is that this electric devices went on fire, even if their wasn’t connected to any kind of electric source, and what’s more strange is that this kinds of paranormal fires kept happening even after the electricity was totally cutted off that town.Also it is claimed that mobile phones blew off and sudden furniture fires went out.Even the objects that was far from electricity went on fire, it’s like a hidden source of power is putting fire on anything that electricity can reach.

The life in that town turned gradually into a nightmare, people began to wonder if this is related to Jinn’s or Ghosts or some demonic powers, cause beside the strange fires the phones rang on the midnights without anyone answering on the other side, also the car doors opened from itself, even firefighters who rushed to the town did not find any logical explanation for what’s happening, instead one of them stunned while he saw an electric cable went on fire while he was staring at it.Even the scientists and researchers whom came from all around the world to see this town is mysterious stories and to find an acceptable explanation failed.However, one of the most noted theories were that the reason of this paranormal fires could be the  volcanic activity in the north of the island of Sicily and that this activity led to a resurgence of electromagnetic charges interacted with the normal electricity flow and caused the outbreak of fire in electrical equipments, but this hypothesis does not explain why the focus of these emissions volcanic alleged in the town of Di Caronia only and did not extend to the towns and cities close to it as well.

So, what’s Your Idea Around these unexplained mystery?



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